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Knockdown Rebuild

If you’re considering rebuilding on your current home site or you’d like to buy a home and subdivide to build a dual occupancy residency we understand that knowing where to start can be daunting. This is where we can make a difference.

1.    Save thousands of dollars on Stamp Duties and Agents Fees.
2.    You get a custom designed home that will suit you for decades to come.
3.    You like your area and don’t want to move anywhere else.
4.    The cost of renovating your current home is more expensive than having a new home designed and built.
5.    There are so many things going wrong with your old home, it would be too time consuming and expensive to fix all of them properly.
6.    Moving out while your new house is built is usually still cheaper than having your old house slowly renovated.
7.    You get a brand new house of your own design in an area you love!

At Dream Design Build Developments we have specialised staff and a processes for knockdown and rebuild developments. Moreover, we offer you the complete package. We do more than just build the home. We are willing to assist with all or any of the five key phases:

Obtaining information from all the relevant regulatory bodies to establish what is permissible on the site.

Assessment of existing conditions on the subject site and adjoining properties.

Customise a design to suit your requirements, whilst complying with RES-CODE and any other regulatory requirements.

Yes, we will take care of the permit, demolition and clearing of your site in readiness for the new dwelling(s).

Construction of your home commences in an agreed month, with a fixed price contract, and guaranteed completion date.