Units & Townhouses

Units and Townhouses have become a more popular housing choice for many Australians. The designs have become better. The design functionality is so sophisticated now that more and more Australians consider Unit and Townhouse living as a terrific lifestyle!

Advantages of Unit living:
•    Lower maintenance – both garden and home.
•    High security.
•    Extremely energy efficient.

And for the Smart Investor:
•    Units go up at the same value as houses in high growth areas.
•    Units are easy to rent out.
•    Easy upkeep and maintenance.

Spacious and beautifully designed :
•    Get the latest premium quality European fittings.
•    Take advantage of sophisticated storage solutions.

You won’t need to worry about space: with a well designed unit uses space efficiently so that your living areas are not compromised.
Aspects that create space are attractive outdoor areas such as a well placed balcony or patio.